Mission Statement:
To promote the positive benefits of handcycling and be a resource for
people to buy and sell handbikes and anything related to handcycles.

Things we do:
1. Source and supply secondhand handcycles at affordable prices. Contact me for the latest
    used handbikes and soon to be available handcycles.
2. Supply new handbikes imported to the UK through bike-on.com
3. Buy your surplus handcycles, complete or not, working or in need of attention. Anything
    considered, frames,  handbike and  bicycle parts. We can then re-cycle them and help
    others get into this up and  coming sport  of handcycling.
4. Publicise handcycle events - handbike races and social handcycling.

We are a group of handcylists who wish to help others get into handcycling at a reasonable cost. To this end we will source
used handbikes from other handcyclists throughout the UK, Europe and the United States. We will also assist you in
purchasing a handcycle from Bike-on in the USA. If you buy a handbike from Bike-on we will help you with the import
procedure and guide you though the necessary VAT and import duty forms that you need to complete in order to obtain
your new handcycle duty free. We will also strive to obtain good quality parts, either new or used, for your handcycle where
ever we can. If we are unable  to obtain what you require for your handbike at a reasonable cost, we will point you in the
right direction.

We can also arrange for shipping world-wide at cost - please contact for quote.

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