Top End Force

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Top End Force Handcycle



6061 T-6 aluminium aircraft tubing with internal skeletal structure for increased stiffness.

Removable Fork

6061-T6 aluminium, super stiff with adjustable crank housing.

Frame Design

Recumbent 3 piece centreline frame construction with welded seat and adjustable back angle.


60" Standard, 57" available (not recommended for users taller than 5'8" or users desiring back angles of less than 45 degrees).


27-32 lbs., depending on size and options.

Turning Radius

18 feet for 360 degree circle, 12 feet w/one backing manoeuvre.

Static Tip Angle

39 degrees for 250 pound subject.

Transfer Seat Height

8" with 2" seat cushion.


Adjustable for and aft.

Back Angle

Adjustable angle back from 35 to 55 degrees.

Shifting /Braking and Parking Brake System

Good hand function is needed. See propulsion system for detail.

Propulsion System

Features a combination of Shimano and Top End components, 27 speeds, 48-40-28 chain rings and 11/32 cassette. The 11/32 cassette is operated by the Hands-On Rapid Fire unit which is mounted on the right (standard) handpedal. It operates both the 11/32 cassette and the hands-on brake. The manual derailleur operates the top chain-rings utilizing a manual system which eliminates cables and their maintenance. A parking brake/second brake is mounted on the left side of the frame.


Top End V crankset with integral pedal bearings are standard. To choose the width of the crank, consider the end user's shoulder width. The width is measured horizontally centre to centre to the point at the middle of the handpedal. Length of the crankset depends on the length of the arms. The length is measured perpendicular from the centre of the crank to the centre of the handpedal spindle. Most people choose 190mm long and 20" wide.


Adjustable height.


Pivot steering and raked fork for controlled steering and stability.


Made of lightweight aluminium and are ovalized to precisely fit the hand. The bearings which allow the pedal to rotate while pedalling are located in the crankset and not in the pedal which makes this pedal very comfortable.


Multi Adjustable fore and aft w/straps to securely cradle calves and feet. Straps are 4" wide and feature safety straps for ankles.

Performance Wheels

Rear hubs are precision heat treated, black anodized with quick release stainless axles 1/2" threaded axles. QR axles are easiest for transporting the handcycle, but the threaded axle will provide more performance. Threaded axles screw into the receiver with an allen wrench. 14 gauge stainless steel spokes. 26" High Performance Wheels

Carbon Wheel Upgrades

Threaded axle only


1) 26" (571) Tri Spoke Carbon Fibre Wheels are available w/tubular tires or clincher. Rims are aluminium. These wheels are not legal for use in IPC sanctioned road races.


2) 26" Spinergy Tilium Wheels with carbon, aluminium rims and white spokes, clincher tires only.


3) 26" Zipp 404 wheels with carbon/graphite composite rim and stainless ovalized spokes.


9 degrees.


Black nylon upholstery with 2" seat and back cushion standard. Seat restraint included.


3 years on frame and fork to original owner / limited parts warranty.


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