XLT Pro with Travel ready option 

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This was my first handcycle. It is only 1 year old and is being replaced by a racing handcycle. This Top End XLT PRO has the recumbent seating position making it best suited to someone with little, or no, strength in their trunk, so all your power comes from your arms.

It has a 40 cm/16" wide seat, a V crank 18 cm/46" long and 56 cm/22" wide, 61 cm/24" Cruiser wheels with quick release axles. The frame is silver metallic and it has the Travel Ready option. This means the front wheel and hand cranks can be separated from the rest of the bike frame.

The approximate measurements of the bike are 194 cm/6' 4" long, 80 cm/2' 7" high, and 73 cm/2' 5" wide. If you remove the quick release wheels the width is 49 cm/1' 7" and the length is 169 cm/5' 6". Using the Travel Ready option with the rear wheels fitted reduces the length to 136 cm/4' 6". If the rear wheels are also removed the length is 111 cm/3' 8" - this makes it easy to fit into almost any vehicle.

Asking price £950.

Contact me if you wish any further details or to arrange a trial.


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