Sharky Clip-on and Wheelchair

Now sold
Here for sale is a really useful handcycle and light weight aluminium wheelchair. It has an easy to use docking system and 24 Shimano gears, there is a parking brake on the handcycle and also brakes on the wheelchair. There are two positions for the rear wheels, one is the conventional position for a wheelchair and the other is much further back which helps with stability at speed and when climbing hills. 

The handcycle is a Sharky made by EPC and the wheelchair is Roll-Ability, the chair seat dimensions are 16"x16". You could if you wish attach the docking system to another wheelchair and sell this one if it is not the right size for you.

The handbike has not done many miles and so, as you can see from the photos, is in an excellent condition.

The whole rig cost £2800 when bought new a few years ago and is now for sale at only £850 and can be posted to a UK address for £50.

For more information call 01315 316355 or
07711 845519.

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Now sold


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